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Uninterrupted power supply

Charges through both solar and a grid connection when available to ensure uninterrupted use of electrical appliances such as light bulbs, televisions, refrigerators, fans, laptops etc, even during power outages.

10-year battery

Long-lasting, maintenance-free lithium ferro-phosphate battery ensures peak performance for the long-term.

Pay with EasyBuy

‘'Pay As You Go' technology helps make the Home 8000 more affordable by letting you pay over time in small manageable installments. Built in features make it simple for you to pay either in person or remotely with mobile money.

What's In The Box

Product Specifications

Solar Power

900 or 1800W (2 or 4 x 450 watt monocrystalline solar panels)

Inverter Output Power

Pure sine wave 2kW

Rated Output Voltage

230Vac, ±5%



Rated Input Voltage


Input Frequency

50Hz/60Hz (Auto detection)

Charge Controller Technology

In-built MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller

Maximum Charge Current

0-80A, adjustable

Battery Capacity

25.6V 2.56kWh lithium-ion LFP battery

Rated Battery Input Voltage

24V (minimum starting voltage 22V)

LCD Display Screen

Displays connection, usage and battery consumption

Pay-As-You-Go Enforcement

GSM-based activation using Sun King Link API compatible with major PAYG software platforms (licensed separately)

Start Your Journey With Sun King

In the modern world, consistent light and access to electricity are massive drivers of growth and achievement. Take the first steps towards powering your future with Sun King solar lanterns, home systems and inverters.