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Sun King employees come from a diverse set of cultural and professional backgrounds and are united by a  shared passion to positively impact the lives of 1.8 billion people around the world.  Every day, we challenge ourselves to live up to our customers' trust and investment in our products with superior service and ever-rising product quality, utility, and function. 

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Life at Sun King

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"From my colleagues, I have gained the knowledge that everyone is unique in their own way, and that our cultures are diverse. I have also learnt to be patient, because English is not a first or second language for a lot of people. I have learnt to wait patiently for someone to figure out the words to communicate their ideas and feelings."

Janet Marigi


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"I value how I get to work with my colleagues in an informal yet engaging way. Every employee is free to share their ideas and opinions with the knowledge that their team members will remain open-minded."

Diksha Shetty


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"I enjoy how when you walk into any of our offices, you may not be able to tell who is part of management or who is a more junior team member, because we all sit in one area, and everyone is free to approach anyone in our day to day engagements."

Eliah Dule


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"As a software developer, I never imagined I'd work so closely with different functions within a company. Here, I've had the opportunity to work closely with Sales and Operations, and I now have a greater understanding of their needs and can design better solutions."

Ayush Baheti


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"I appreciate how collaborative we are at Sun King, and that we respect each other. We are challenged to think critically and continue growing in our roles, and this enables us to brighten the lives of the customers we encounter."

Ifeoluwakemi Atolagbe


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"Sun King offers an inclusive work environment and a culture of openness. Everyone can share their ideas, and all feasible ideas are given the opportunity to be piloted or explored further, no matter who they come from."

Elisha Adie


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"What I appreciate most about Sun King's work environment: its willingness to course-correct and rethink strategies, processes, and approaches. And the company's interest in the wellbeing of its employees."

Francis Bitanyi


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"The MDP workshops for people managers have been the most meaningful learning experience at Greenlight. It's given me a lot to think about and helped me be a better manager. "

Diana Liu


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"Sun King is a place of constant learning and collaboration. There is always something new to learn here: I enjoy that we are constantly growing individually, as teams, and as a company."



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"For me, Sun King is: "friendly, motivating, challenging, exciting, engaging, nurturing, collaborative."

Ei Chaw Sandi Oo


The Sun King Way

To achieve our mission, we hold ourselves to the Sun King Way, our shared value system, and we commit to the following principles that guide our actions.

  • Passion to serve off-grid families

    Powering access to brighter lives  is our life's work: we feel great when we do a great job at it.  Consumers invest in our products to improve their families' lives.  We live up to their expectations with superior service and ever-improving product quality and utility. 

  • Integrity

    Sun King employees live and work with integrity and honesty.  We know that cutting corners, disrespecting the law, and engaging in graft, corruption, or unethical business practices take away from our ability to efficiently and sustainably serve our customers.  We hold ourselves, our colleagues, and our external business partners to the highest standards of integrity. 

  • Inclusivity

    We deeply respect the diversity of individuals that make up Sun King. We prioritize openness and awareness of our individual and cultural differences.  We consciously work towards building an inclusive, safe, encouraging environment for all employees, customers, partners, and associates to thrive.

  • Imagineering

    We believe that many seemingly intractable problems can be solved with a little bit of imagination.  But we recognize that big ideas go nowhere without practical skills and hard work.  Every Sun King employee is an engineer. 

  • Humility

    We believe that to be experts in our craft, we must remain students.  We acknowledge our shortcomings and mistakes.  We know that maintaining vulnerability in our interactions fosters trusting relationships, builds credibility, and strengthens collaboration in the workplace.

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