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Sun King employees come from a diverse set of cultural and professional backgrounds but are united by a shared passion to serve the 1.8 billion people living around the world who lack reliable access to electricity. Every day, we challenge ourselves to live up to our customers' trust in our products with superior service and ever-rising product quality, utility, and function.

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Life at Sun King

Devising life-changing solutions requires collaboration. We recognise that those closest to our customers often have the most detailed insights into emerging challenges and opportunities. Eliminating hierarchical barriers and cultivating collaboration is crucial for free, effective communication. This enables customer service reps to speak directly to function heads, product designers to work with marketing strategists, and team members to flag issues to their managers, fostering collective ownership of our mission to improve lives.

A solar inverter installer in a yellow backet shakes hand with a man in a blue shirt in a rural setting with trees in the background.

Sun King’s world-class roster of product designers, data scientists, logistics experts, customer service professionals, operations gurus, and marketing and communications strategists work together to devise solutions to the complicated and multidimensional challenges of energy access, climate action, and social inclusion. Whilst we win awards and are featured in the press, what really matters to us is powering access to brighter lives.

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Whether you are embarking on a new career journey or are a seasoned specialist, Sun King offers abundant opportunities for you to excel in your current position and acquire new skills to explore new thrilling career paths. Through the Sun King Centre for Leadership, we offer structured and tailored learning and development programmes to help you become a better leader, manager, and professional.


The challenges of energy access, poverty reduction, and climate action originate from an interconnected world. We understand that a diverse team stands the best chance of devising right-fit solutions to these challenges. Creating an inclusive environment is a continuous journey that requires consistent, deliberate efforts. We strive to ensure diverse perspectives inform critical decisions. We proactively build an environment where every member of our team feels a sense of belonging. 

A Sun King staff member in Nigeria accepts awards for their contribution to the company.

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The Sun King Way

To achieve our mission, we hold ourselves to the Sun King Way, our shared value system, and we commit to the following principles that guide our actions.

Powering access to brighter lives is our life's work: we feel great when we do a great job at it.  Consumers invest in our products to improve their families' lives. We live up to their expectations with superior service and ever-improving product quality and utility.

“At Sun King, I enjoy the process of product development. Through collaboration, we're constantly working to make the products more efficient, reliable, and easy to use. We strive to give customers the best experience and service.”

Andy Fang

Director of Research and Development, China


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