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Pay With EasyBuy

'Pay As You Go' technology helps make the Home 500X more affordable by letting you pay over time in small manageable installments. Built in features make it simple for you to pay either in person or remotely with mobile money.


The included Sun King Digital TV has all the features you could want for entertainment in your home. On top of broadcasted content, the TV can play media from USB flash disks or HDMI video input.

Motion Sensor

Feel safe with this sensor light of 100 lumens. The Infrared mode covers 10 meters radius to light the area when motion is detected. This is a 3-use lamp- a normal lamp, security lamp, or ambiance lamp. The choice is yours.

What's In The Box

Add-On Accessories

Pedestal Fan

Cool down with the powerful and efficient pedestal fan. Its lightweight and durable design keeps noise down while increasing its longevity in your home.


Shed light in dark situations with the Sun King Torch. Its rugged construction allows it to survive almost anything, including dops, sand, dirt, and even rain showers.

FM Radio

Take your entertainment on the go: our portable radio picks up FM broadcasts and includes a microSD slot to play your own music.

Tube Light

Increase brightness by adding this 200 lumens tube to your pack. It comes with a switch which let's you choose when you want to turn the light on.

Motion Sensor Light

A bright lamp with a built in infrared motion sensor that alerts you to movement on your property. Use it as a security lamp or a regular lamp on any of its three brightness modes.

Product Specifications

Tube lights

4 bright tube lights with 800 lumens power

Motion Sensing lamps

1 motion sensing security lamp

Digital HD Television

Available in 24"/32"

Solar Panel

50 Watt, polycrystalline solar panel with aluminum frame and 6 meter cable


141.52Wh lithium-ion NMC battery

Battery Indicator

While in use, digital LED meter displays remaining battery power

Charging Indicator

Digital LED meter displays charging effectiveness

USB Mobile Charging


Power Control

Battery management technology auto-switches to low-power mode when battery is running dry, yielding 5 hours of additional light

Power Port

Four 12V(+/-3V) Ports. One port has a TV communication port designed for TV powering

Light Mode

3 different light modes for various needs

PAYG Enforcement

Keypad or optional GSM-based activation using
Sun King™ Link API compatible with major PAYG software platforms

Start Your Journey With Sun King

In the modern world, consistent light and access to electricity are massive drivers of growth and achievement. Take the first steps toward powering your future with Sun King solar lanterns and home systems.