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PowerHub Range: Sun King Launches New Solar Products Designed to Replace the Grid

21st March 2024

A split image comprised of two images. The image on the left shows two men in PPE installing solar panels on a tiled roof. The image on the left shows the PowerHub 3300 against a yellow background.

Designed to deliver continuous power to homes, businesses, and institutions, the PowerHub 3300 marks the debut of Sun King’s new PowerHub range. The product range is engineered for those with no access to electricity or grappling with a broken, unreliable grid connection.

Solar energy company Sun King unveils its PowerHub series, a new range of cutting-edge solar systems designed as a comprehensive replacement for the electrical grid, offering continuous power to users. The first in the series, the PowerHub 3300 offers reliable power for households and businesses wanting to unlock a higher standard of living. Wall-mounted, with a sleek and compact design, the solar system provides reliable, affordable power to those living off-grid or with unreliable access to electricity.

Since its inception in 2007, Sun King has emerged as the leading off-grid solar company globally, powering 20 million homes to date. It excels in developing cutting-edge solar products engineered for off- and weak-grid environments. Sun King’s products reach consumers’ homes through a network of over 350 stores and dedicated solar installers across Africa and Asia. The company supports consumers with financing options, breaking down the upfront cost of solar systems into small, manageable payments, mirroring the utility bill model.

“The PowerHub range is an exciting leap forward in the capability of the solar systems Sun King offers,” said T. Patrick Walsh, CEO, Sun King. “Not only does it provide more power than its predecessors, it can be fully customised and expanded to meet the needs of homes, businesses, and even public institutions like medical centres and schools.”

How does the PowerHub work?

The PowerHub 3300 has three main components: solar panels, an inverter, and a battery. The solar panels capture the energy of sunlight hitting your roof. The inverter turns this energy into AC electricity and connects it to the circuits that power lights and appliances. The Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery stores solar and grid-delivered electricity to keep appliances running around the clock. 

Battery reserves provide power during low sunlight, night-time, power outages, and periods of high demand when grid electricity is often most expensive. This alternative energy system enables customers to manage unreliable power supplies and climbing electricity prices.

GIF showing how the PowerHub solar inverter operates. It contains an isometric drawing of a house. The sun's rays hit the solar panels on the roof, charging the battery. The scene then changes to night, and shows the PowerHub powering appliances in the home.

What can the PowerHub power and for how long?

The PowerHub 3300 harnesses solar power and, if available, the electrical grid to provide homes and businesses with up to 3300W of power, equivalent to the grid. This dual functionality allows for continuous operation regardless of weather, time of day, or grid stability. The PowerHub 3300 provides a safe, cost-effective alternative to noisy, polluting, and dangerous diesel generators. 

From lights, refrigerators, and televisions to computers, food processing equipment, and light machinery, the PowerHub 3300 can power the appliances needed to keep lives and livelihoods on track, supplying round-the-clock power and up to five hours of backup power at night or during power outages. Its battery has an estimated 10-year lifespan, and the entire system comes with a three-year warranty.

The PowerHub 3300 comes in several configurations and can be customised to cater to a variety of needs. Further, several PowerHub 3300 systems can be combined to meet the demands of power-intensive homes and institutions, from hospitals and schools to farms and businesses as well as large homes.

How can it be purchased?

Sun King’s EasyBuy pay-as-you-go (PAYG) system enables customers to take home the PowerHub after making a modest deposit. Following the initial deposit, customers then make small, regular top-up payments via mobile money or cash. Installation by our team of professional solar installers is included as standard, as are a three-year warranty and after-sales care.

Prices vary regionally – please contact your local Sun King solar advisors for more details and for advice on selecting the PowerHub system that’s right for you.