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Greenlight Planet Launches Solar fans for Rural India

29th July 2022


By: Sneha Verma

While the country braces for the hottest year since 1901, this model provides powerful airflow for grid-like cooling, striking the perfect balance between performance, durability, and affordability.

For a decade, Greenlight Planet has been focused on developing affordable and durable solar powered lighting solutions for under -electrified households and businesses around the world. In that time period, the company’s Sun King product range has expanded, from simple task lighting, to keep up with changing consumer needs.

“Our products have evolved from simple lighting to more sophisticated appliances. Responding to our consumers’ increasing dependency on mobile phones and desire for entertainment options, we incorporated mobile charging in our products and developed a solar-powered radio. The solar-powered Sun King Fan similarly came from customer requests for a solar powered solution to provide relief in hot climates”, said Sahil Khanna, Partnerships Business Leader for Greenlight Planet’s Asia Business.

According to the company, Greenlight Planet’s Sun King Fan is one of the most reliable solar-powered table fan available in the market today, Its unique brushless motor affords a longer lifespan than those with a brushed motor extending the average life of a fan of its size by an additional three years.

“As we expand into lifestyle appliances, we envision an India where every rural home is powered by a high-quality and durable Sun King solar home solution,” added Sahil

Powered by a 20W solar panel, the batter and motor in the Sun King Fan are designed to support more than 20,000 hours of continuous hours, and its intuitive interface allows the user to select from the three-speed modes: turbo, normal and low power. The Sun King Fan also featured a solar charging meter and a programmable timer to run the fan for 30, 60, or 120 minutes.

This new product is competitively priced at Rs 5999, and it is available for purchase through extensive set of retails outlets and, with financing, through some of the largest microfinance institutions in India.