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Powering Access to Brighter Lives Through Off-Grid Solar

We install clean, safe, affordable solar power systems for homes that lack access to a reliable electrical grid.


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Solar Panel

MWh of solar energy generated

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metric tonnes of C02 offset

Solar Power That Suits You

Sun King home systems and lanterns accommodate a wide range of needs. Explore our products to find the best option for you.

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Solar Lanterns

Long-lasting portable light

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Solar Home Systems

Full home lighting and appliance power

Pay as You Go Financing

Get solar installed today with a small down payment. Make small weekly payments. Finish your payments after a year, and enjoy free solar energy afterward!

Introducing the Home 200X

The Sun King 200X allows customers to add additional solar power and battery capacity over time. Expansion is effortless because the platform grows with your energy needs.

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Book an Appointment Today

Connect with  an experienced Sun King Field Agent to review your solar power options, either on the phone or at your home.