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Powering Access to Brighter Lives Through Off-Grid Solar

Sun King, At a Glance

Sun King designs, distributes, installs, and finances solar energy solutions for the 1.8 billion global consumers who cannot reliably access or afford traditional electrical grid connections. The needs of energy consumers in Africa and Asia are diverse. Sun King’s broad array of products unlocks a higher quality of life for our customers.


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solar products sold

Home Powered Solar

homes powered by solar

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Our Products

Solar to meet every need. Find the best option for you.

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Solar Lanterns

Long-lasting portable light

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Solar Home Systems

Full home lighting and appliance power

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Solar Inverters

High-power solar to replace the grid

News Stories

Introducing Sun King's Game-Changing Solar Inverters

Tired of energy blackouts and expensive generators? Sun King’s Solar Inverters connect to two sources of electricity, solar panels and, when available, the electrical grid to provide homes and businesses with seamless, clean, and affordable energy around the clock.

What do Sun King Customers Say About Our Products?

Solar Home Power That Expands With You

The Sun King 200X allows customers to add additional solar power and battery capacity over time. Expansion is effortless because the platform grows with your energy needs.

Where Around the World Can You Find Sun King Products?

  • East Africa
  • West and Central Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • South Asia
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America

East Africa

Through our direct-to-consumer shops and distribution partners, Sun Kings has a strong presence across East Africa.

Contact our team in East Africa

West and Central Africa

Underpinned by our network of shops and community of distribution partners, Sun King has a strong presence across West and Central Africa.

Contact our team in West and Central Africa

Southern Africa

In Southern Africa, Sun Kings products are available through our network of shops and distribution partners.

Contact our team in Southern Africa

South Asia

Sun King has a longstanding presence in South Asia. Today, Sun King products are available through e-commerce channels, as well as Sun King's own retail channels and our network of trusted partners.

Contact our team in South Asia


Sun King enjoys a robust presence in Oceania and South-East Asia. Today, you can find Sun King products via e-commerce platforms, through Sun King's dedicated retail channels, and via our network of esteemed partners.

Reach out to our team operating in the Asia-Pacific area

Latin America

Contact our team

Latin America

Through our network of partners, Sun King products are available in Latin America.

Contact our team

Pay as You Go Financing

Get solar installed today with a small down payment. Make small weekly payments. Finish your payments, and enjoy free solar energy afterward!

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Sun King stores are your one-stop shop for purchases, after-sales service, payment assistance, and upgrades.
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Connect with an experienced Sun King Field Agent to review your solar power options, either on the phone or at your home.